A blog about the Australian legal profession.


This blog contains the musings of a law student studying in Australia.

Who are you?

I hope to conceal my identity so that I can write transparently.

However, to contextualise my writing for you as the reader, I am:

  • living in Australia.
  • in my final year of a Juris Doctor, a postgraduate law degree.
  • interested in the world of corporate law.

What is the purpose of your blog?

I hope my writing can make the legal industry more accessible for you, whether you are considering studying law, seeking guidance on how to navigate law school, or taking your first steps into the profession post-graduation.

How should I consume your writing?

As I said above, these posts are simply my musings. Read with an open mind, but a healthy degree of skepticism.

Take risks by trialing my advice. If it works for you – great! If not, you probably haven’t lost much.

Interact with me and others in the comments section. No matter how silly or stupid it may seem, let it out in the comments. If you found something helpful, let me know why. If you require further explanation, challenge me in the comments. If you straight out disagree, constructively tell me why.

What inspired you to start this blog?

I feel it is necessary to acknowledge the inspiration I have taken from the now defunct and the website’s pseudonymous author, Will. Whilst the website is now offline, you can still access some cached posts from the site through the Wayback Machine here.